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"This debut, for me, was remarkable. It is filled with the power of simple moments. It pulses with ageless wisdom as well as heartbreak. It is a story of advocacy and making peace with your roots, your family. It is a story of fighting for what you believe in. Fighting for the natural beauty our country affords. Fighting for love."

Shannon Parker, author of "The Girl Who Fell", Simon & Schuster 2016.

"A skillful rendition... Lib is a finely-drawn character, and the dialogue and pacing in this debut are strong." 


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"Heartbreaking and redemptive... I loved this book. This is a definite read for 2016!"

Ashley Herring Blake, author of "Suffer Love", HMH Books for Young Readers 2016.

"Stirring and timely. Dig Too Deep hooks you with its gritty realness, and it holds onto you with equal measures of heartache and hope. An important and memorable debut."

Corina Vacco, Delacorte-Prize Winning Author of "My Chemical Mountain"

"Allgeyer gives readers a smart, focused hero to root for [and] brings rural Appalachia to life."


"Liberty Briscoe is a hero of a narrator: intelligent, spunky, determined, and relatable. She and her grandmother are so well drawn that the reader cannot help but become emotionally invested in their stories."

VOYA, the journal for Young Adult Librarians


DIG TOO DEEP is the winner of the Gold Medal, 2016 Moonbeam Children's Book Award for YA General Fiction!!